• Write a new chapter; Start
    a new book

    There is nothing more amazing than to hear all the success stories of people that have overcome their addiction by completing our rehab treatment program at New Day Recovery in West Monroe, LA.

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  • Realize your
    full potential

    You are created to fulfill your purpose and be great. Life should be about continual improvement within ourselves and our environment. At New Day Recovery, our rehab treatment program for substance abuse will encourage you to raise the bar in your life. Our goal is to help you become a better version of yourself and to reach your full potential through a path of sobriety.

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  • Look Closer At The World You Live In

    Have you taken the time to examine the life you’ve created? Is it a life that you want to wake up to every day? If not, it’s time to take a look on the inside and see who you’ve become and, more importantly, where you want to go. Life is meant to be fulfilling in every way. A life dependent on drugs or alcohol will only lead to disappointment.

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  • Get Rid of Your Limp

    New Day Recovery of West Monroe, Louisiana believes you shouldn’t have to settle for living with your “limp”. Recovery is tough, and although some people choose to continue to live with a limp, you can get rid of yours forever.

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  • It’s worth the effort

    Addiction knows no prejudice! Its goal is always to take every meaningful thing and relationship in your life and leave you broken, empty, and hopeless. At New Day Recovery in West Monroe, LA, we have on countless occasions helped people take back what has been lost to the effects of addiction.

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At New Day Recovery, We Help You Find YOUR New Day.

New Day Recovery is located at 1416 Natchitoches Street in West Monroe, Louisiana. Our facility is just off Interstate 20 and is very easy to locate. Given our location in Northeast, Louisiana, we are well-suited to provide quality addiction treatment for those within the area, as well as meeting recovery needs across the southern United States. It is our intent to provide the highest quality addiction treatment possible.


Pledge One

Participants who engage in the New Day Recovery treatment program for drug and alcohol addiction have the opportunity to live a transformed life that is purpose-driven and free from substance abuse. 

Pledge Two

We will provide our clients with necessary tools and skills to engage in lifestyle choices that are conducive to successful living through effective personal relationships, professional development, and spiritual grounding.

Pledge Three

New Day Recovery seeks to provide the highest quality care that is grounded in evidence-based practices while, at the same time, providing a sense of connection and belonging for those who come through our doors seeking a new day and a new life. 

About Us

New Day Recovery is guided by a philosophy where hope, respect, and personal dignity serve as the catalysts for rebirth and transformation.

Because we are committed to alleviating the misery and hardships that come with a life of addiction, we understand that individuals may be apprehensive in seeking help for their recovery. Rest assured that our key concern is you, as the treatment consumer, get the quality care that you deserve. In the process, it is our desire for you to have the life that you have only dreamed of; a life without drugs and alcohol where meaning and joy are central to your daily experiences.

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