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Realize Your Potential

You are created to fulfill your purpose and be great.  Life should be about continual improvement within ourselves and our environment.  At New Day Recovery, our rehab treatment program for substance abuse will encourage you to raise the bar in your life.  Our goal is to help you become a better version of yourself and…
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Get Rid of Your Limp.

New Day Recovery of West Monroe, Louisiana believes you shouldn’t have to settle for living with your “limp”.  Recovery is tough, and although some people choose to continue to live with a limp, you can get rid of yours forever.   Whether your addiction, or limp, is drugs or alcohol, we will journey along with…
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Write a new chapter; Start a new book

There is nothing more amazing than to hear all the success stories of people that have overcome their addiction by completing our rehab treatment program at New Day Recovery in West Monroe, LA.   We talk to people every day that at one time were desperate and without hope, looking for something to change in…
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