MAT & IOP Update

Updates regarding outpatient services for our MAT (Suboxone Program) and IOP

The biggest concern everyone has is will New Day be able to take care of me during this time and the answer is a BIG YES!

In all the uncertainty that we are having to face each day we at New Day Recovery we believe it is more important now than ever to provide you with peace of mind to the extent that we can regarding you continued recovery program. As most of you may know today, March 22, 2020, Governor John Bell Edwards has issued  has issued a stay at home order for all non-essential workers. New Day Recovery is considered essential and will be able to continue to provide you with the service and treatment that you need now more than ever.

This order to Stay at Home  does not prevent you from making face to face appointments but we do believe to be in line with best practices and to do our part to flatten the curve we are encouraging  everyone to continue treatment  by means of telehealth or telephone appointments and or sessions. We will be reaching out to all of our clients in an effort to inform each one how this will work for them specifically. There will be things that come up that we may not have planned for but just know you are our greatest priority and we will work those out as they arise.

I have included some links below that are relevant to the different options regarding the type of device or platform you may decide to use such as iPhone, Android, Windows, or Mac. Our telehealth provider uses Zoom which is very popular and reliable as well as easy to use. Please feel free to contact us to ask questions and as we have updates we will continue to post them here and on our FB page. Know we are here to help and that we are praying for you.

Best regards,

Doug Pollock and the New Day Team

What the Zoom app looks like 

How to use zoom on iPhone 

How to use zoom on Android

How to use zoom from Windows or Mac

General instructions on how to join meeting from a phone