New Day Recovery is expanding its reach into Shreveport as it has recently made plans to reopen a treatment center landmark that was formerly known as The Pines Treatment Center. In an ongoing effort to battle the drug epidemic we at  New Day Recovery have spent the last couple of years looking into various options for a second location in Louisiana. After much prayer and research we feel like the Shreveport community and the surrounding areas are in such great need. It is our pleasure to come to Shreveport to help fight the battle of addiction.

New Day Recovery has been providing drug and alcohol treatment services to residents from all over Louisiana since it accepted its first client on October 15, 2012. We started out by providing detox services for alcohol, opiates, and benzodiazepines followed up with a  residential program of 28 days. We immediately realized the need was equally important to provide treatment services to clients that were transitioning back into the community after graduating the inpatient program.  Continuity of care is so important so we began an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program (IOP) program for our clients as well as people from the community that needed a less intensive form of treatment.

It is with great honor and respect that New Day Recovery will have the privilege to reopen such an amazing facility as the Pines Treatment Center. The response from the residents of Shreveport that have an emotional connection with that property is just so encouraging. We have pledged to hire the best professionals we can just as we have done at our West Monroe treatment center.

The big questions are when will it be open followed by when can people apply for positions? Our plans are to hopefully be open in December and interested persons can begin to submit applications now to the West Monroe location. For up to date information we will be posting info to our New Day Recovery FB page so connect with us through that outlet.

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