Medically Supported Detoxification

At New Day Recovery, our goal is to manage the physical changes that occur in the brain and body after repeated drug and/or alcohol use, while providing the highest degree of comfort and support.

Our detoxification program uses typical oral medications that aid in mitigating the uncomfortable physiological symptoms of withdrawal. This detoxification program is ideal for those who have abused a variety of substances including alcohol, intravenous drugs, opiates, stimulants, as well as prescription drugs.

Most of our clients complete the detox program within 3 to 7 days of admission.  However, we focus not on the length of the detox process, but rather on completing the program in a way that best prepares our clients for successful long-term recovery.

We recognize that it may not be ideal for many clients to begin treatment while in detox. Therefore, clients in detox are not required to participate in structured groups or other programming.  Once you are ready to begin treatment and have been cleared by our medical team, however, we do encourage attendance and participation in group meetings and sessions during detox.

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