Our Suboxone program is a medication-assisted therapeutic program for opioid dependency that is integrated with a strong psychotherapy regimen.  Suboxone treatment is most effective when coupled with psychotherapy, so it is important for anyone interested in our Suboxone program to understand that the mental health counseling that they will receive is central to the person’s overall success in treatment.  At New Day Recovery, we seek to optimize the chances for client’s successful recovery and, therefore, continue to provide top-notch follow-up from therapists as well as a variety of other program staff and peer support specialists.  

Suboxone (also known as buprenorphine) is a medication

used for detoxification from opioids on an outpatient basis as well as short-term and long-term treatment programming for opioid dependence.  In clinical terms, Suboxone is a partial opioid receptor agonist that tends to not create the unnatural euphoria that is often associated with methadone.  In addition, Suboxone is much more convenient to utilize than methadone and tends to be more user friendly in terms of symptoms and logistics of use.

For more information on our Suboxone program at New Day Recovery, please call us at 318-855-8773 in West Monroe and 318-562-6320 for Shreveport location .

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