My name is Jessie James Secrest. I would like to share some of my personal story with you in hopes that it may help you as much as it helps me to talk with you.

I was born in 1983 to a 16 year old girl. She was just a kid when she chose to keep a child and had to learn hard and fast. I was premature weighing 4lbs 2ounces with lots of health issues. I grew to be a healthy happy baseball-crazed older brother. High school came and I excelled at baseball, setting pitching records, starting J.V. And Varsity back to back, batting titles you name it. Girls, popularity, then came the drivers license. I was on top of the world so I thought at the time until BAM my true love; baseball; left me with a tore up arm and slot of newly found free time. As one would expect; then came the doctors and pills along with the excuses; the  women, they added to that mess, as well as the party-hard popular athlete I was, which brought the dope, bad company, and a whole lot of scary situations. I've been beaten, cut, stitched, broken bones, i was shot in the back of the leg, robbed, and have almost died as well as overdosed and alcohol poisoned myself to death multiple times. All this was avoidable by not doing the drugs and drinking and running and gunning the streets; above all that crap that I was screwing up, let me tell you the Great News of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that came to earth to teach us that we are saved. That's the best news you can ever get! Fact is that you can do and be any thing you want as long as it is of God. I grew up living the worldly life and as good as the good was and as bad as the bad can ever get, I was still empty inside. I was doing things my way And after all these years  that didnt work. I have come to realize that if I do it Gods' way I can't fail.

I have been given so many do overs it's unreal. From jail time to certain death in the hospital with my organs shutting down one after another; I'm here to tell you a cold hard fact. Listen to me please, you can run away from this building, these people, even your family, but you can't run from yourself. You've been trying it and it still hasn't worked so why not turn to God and live with Him in your heart and desires. Let Him help you through the small daily situations and you'll be amazed at the difference. He is the answer to all questions. Even when it doesn't seem to be He is working in you in you and through you just stop getting in His way know and have Peace by one all understanding!

So being a Christian man that grew up the hardknock way in so many different levels that began to routinely drink and use drugs at the age of 16 and being that I've been arrested 21 times, spent multiple stays in rehabs, halfway houses; lots of  jail, drug court, drughouses, intensive outpatient therapy you name it; you have to be ready to change. You See my mom would do anything to make her firstborn better or fix anything for me. She got me hooked up with New Day Recovery and without a doubt anyone that I know that knows the old me can tell you this place is where you need to be. Gods trying to tap you on the shoulder and get you to let Him help you. Mr. Doug and the other people here will help you to try and listen and hear Him but you have to start the process. Thanks and  God bless you all.

Jessie James Secrest,