It’s Our 5th Anniversary!

The closing of the Pines Treatment Center in Shreveport Louisiana, which took place in 2012, was one of the main factors that pushed us on to open New Day Recovery of West Monroe. We had several things that began to fall out of sync with our business plan and it appeared that we were not going to continue to pursue opening a drug and alcohol rehab in North Louisiana.

I will never forget the conversation I had with my owner about the great need for our rehab to open in North Louisiana especially now that there was a huge hole in the places people looking for help from their addiction to choose from. After we discussed that the Pines was closing my owner, Mr. Danny Prince looked at me and asked me the million dollar question, “Do you think you can do it?” I immediately answered him “Yes I can!” He looked me in the eye and said get it licensed. From that point we have never looked back.

It’s such an amazing thing to realize as we celebrated our 5th anniversary on October 15 for accepting the first client into our program that five years later we have purchased and are planning to reopen the treatment center (formerly The Pines) that had to close so that we could open. It is with great honor and respect for all the clients that have an attachment to that facility that we provide the best treatment we possibly can. As we come to serve the community and help fight the battle of addiction we are committed to having the best staff that the area has to offer. The lives of the people that are so dearly loved being placed into our care is such a great responsibility that we do not take lightly.

Very often in life we encounter things that seemingly appear to be dead. It could be our dreams, our hopes, or even the expectations for life. I have come to understand that what we see on the outside doesn’t always reflect the way things truly are. Just as we participate in the restoration of lost lives on a daily basis I believe that stories like the closing and eventual reopening of the Pines as New Day Recovery of Shreveport are the legacies that those failed dreams are built upon. Happy Anniversary to us with many more to come.

Doug Pollock

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