Intensive Outpatient Programming

The Intensive Outpatient program at New Day Recovery consists of 9 hours of intensive group counselling each week. Participants will use evidenced based curricula and techniques to explore the means to reduce their likelihood of drug and alcohol use. In addition, this program places special emphasis on lifestyle changes, cognitive and moral development, and relapse prevention techniques.

Our intensive outpatient program utilizes an advanced therapeutic approach to substance abuse recovery that goes beyond the typical manualized treatment programming and also challenges clientele to take a serious inventory of their lives, whether substance use has been recent or long in the past.

Clients in our Intensive Outpatient Program are benefited not only through effective treatment, but also with a schedule that allows most work and home appointments to remain intact.  We schedule groups on Saturday and Sundays, as well as Monday evenings.  For more information, call us at 318.855.8775.

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