Addiction Treatment

Louisiana Addiction Treatment Services 

Substance abuse remains a pressing issue, and in response, addiction treatment services in Louisiana have been developed to address the challenges individuals face. While addiction is a complex issue, recovery is achievable with the right support and treatment plan. 

Treatment & Process 

For individuals struggling with substance abuse in Louisiana, the treatment process often begins with medical detox. This involves a stay at an addiction treatment center with 24-hour medical monitoring to ensure safety and compliance with detox procedures. The duration of the stay varies based on the individual’s physical condition upon intake, and discomfort from withdrawal symptoms can be alleviated through maintenance medication. Following medical detox, individuals can transition to a less-supervised level of care known as a partial hospitalization program (PHP). 

Therapy & Medication-Assisted Treatment 

During the inpatient phase, therapy and counseling become integral components of the care continuum. Addressing trauma, anxiety, depression, and other conditions that may coincide with substance abuse is crucial in early recovery. Medication-assisted treatment may continue based on factors such as the treatment facility, insurance coverage, and professional discretion. 

What to Expect 

As individuals progress physically, their mental well-being also improves. Choosing to stay in treatment is a significant decision, and addressing all questions is crucial. Simply removing drugs and alcohol from the system doesn’t mark the end of the recovery journey. Stabilization is followed by reintegration into the “real world,” where tough decisions and temptations may arise. At this juncture, individuals can opt for aftercare to navigate the challenges of early recovery. Sober living homes or extended treatment through inpatient facilities provide tools for individuals to navigate their new way of living. 

The Bottom Line 

Understanding the challenges of addiction, Louisiana’s New Day Recovery offers a comprehensive continuum of care for drug and alcohol addiction. With facilities dedicated to serving the region and beyond, New Day Recovery in Louisiana emphasizes the importance of not going through recovery alone. The program is designed to support individuals through every stage of their recovery journey, recognizing that a holistic approach is crucial for long-term sobriety.