Enjoy Life Again

Louisiana Addiction Treatment Services 

a family enjoying the outdoors in a field

At New Day Recovery, we embrace the mantra “Enjoy Life Again” (ELA) as more than a mere slogan but as the core of their supplemental clinical program schedule. ELA represents a patient engagement initiative involving distinctive clinical activities designed to equip individuals for life post-graduation from their programs. These events, outlined in monthly schedules, aim to address concerns patients may have about engaging in various life activities after treatment, such as attending concerts, comedy shows, talent contests, or participating in competitive sports. ELA provides a supportive environment for patients to confront triggers associated with these activities and helps them process negative thoughts about themselves, fostering a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

The ELA program encompasses a diverse range of events, from trick shot basketball tournaments to Bob Ross painting classes and recovery-themed relay races. Patient feedback consistently highlights these events as significant highlights in their treatment journey. Beyond its role as a unique engagement technique, ELA serves a specific clinical purpose. The true impact of ELA becomes evident during post-event group sessions, where patients exhibit increased engagement, communication, openness, and clinical availability. This innovative approach contributes to positive patient outcomes, fostering active and engaged participation in treatment and better preparation for a fulfilling life beyond the treatment center.