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New Day Recovery is conveniently located at 1416 Natchitoches Street in West Monroe, Louisiana and in Shreveport, Louisiana at 6240 Greenwood Road, both just off of Interstate 20. Given our locations in North Louisiana, we are well-suited to provide quality addiction treatment for those within the area, as well as meeting recovery needs across the southern United States. It is our intent to provide the highest quality addiction treatment possible.

New Day Recovery is in network with most major insurance companies.

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Levels of Care

New Day Recovery is a leading provider of rehab programs in North Louisiana. Our staff is fully licensed, certified and credentialed for all services that you may seek at New Day Recovery.

We Accept Most Insurances

Our Approach to Treatment

Assisting you in overcoming opioid addiction begins with medication-assisted treatment (MAT), a method that utilizes medication to:

  • Lessen your cravings for opioids
  • Relieve your withdrawal symptoms
  • Enhance your involvement in treatment

Learn More about Medication-Assisted Treatment

In the course of your treatment process, it is essential to comprehend the reasons behind your initiation and ongoing use of opioids. Our substance use counseling is designed to support you in:

  • Transforming your thoughts and behaviors
  • Exploring fresh strategies for dealing with stressors
  • Gaining tools to mend your relationships

Our empathetic counselors are committed to providing education on the intricacies of addiction, empowering you with the insights needed for maintaining enduring recovery.


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We understand that comprehensive care involves more than just medication and counseling. To treat you as a whole person, we provide additional support services, including:

  • Rally Point Recovery Veterans Program
  • E.L.A. Enjoy Life Again Program
  • Referrals to community resources

Addressing various aspects of your life impacted by opioid use will not only boost your success in the present but also ensure a brighter future.

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At New Day Recovery, we provide additional support to our patients with Case Management, which involves offering social services outside of addiction care that are essential to sustain long-term recovery.

We understand that individuals with addiction suffer numerous social problems as well. Through Case Management, we can advocate for each patient’s needs by connecting them with resources to improve skill sets and medical, social, educational, and other support services.

Our Success Stories

New Day, how can I describe in words what this place has made me feel like. I was kind of worried about leaving this place because it has felt like my home since I have been here. The staff and my group have been my family.

New Day Recovery made me a new person and gave me a new life!

Trampas S.

Throughout my adult life I have struggled with alcohol dependency to cope with pain and suffering in my life. Later on my dependency expanded to Benzos along with alcohol. Once my family and I realized I had a problem, my brother-in-law recommended New Day Recovery. He told me how he struggled with prescription pain pills and how he was one year clean and sober. The tools and knowledge provided to him was by New Day Recovery.


David S.

This is the best thing that has ever happened to me. At first, it was hard. But they have taught me so much in the last month, and have been like family to me. They didn’t just teach me how to survive in my recovery, but also gave me advice on things like how to get a job. Basically, just how to be successful in life.

The nurses are great, as well as the whole staff. This is through-and-through a wonderful program.

Rufus H.