Vivitrol is a prescription medication that is used to treat alcohol addiction, as well as opioid dependence. Vivitrol is an extended-release, injectable version of the drug Naltraxone.  It is administered once a month, or once every 4 weeks, to treat symptoms of alcohol and/or opioid dependency.  

Vivitrol is designed to stop the cravings for those who have already quit drinking alcohol.  It is also intended to stem the effects of opiates in the brain by blocking opiate receptors.  

In order to be most effective,Vivitrol should be used in conjunction with counseling and therapy.  These services will address the root causes of the substance abuse issues, which is a necessary component to theVivitrol program here at New Day Recovery.  

For more information on the benefits of Vivitrol, we have provided these links below.  Please feel free to call us at 318.855.8773 with any questions about Vivitrol or any of our programs at New Day Recovery.

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